Is there a particular insurance company required by Uber to be a driver?

I have been with the same auto insurance company for close to 6 years now and I would hate to switch. I just want to know if I do decide to drive for Uber, if I will have to. Since insurance laps over 1 to 2 months before a switch can take place I would have to time it right to start driving. Does anyone know if there is a particular company I have to be with or is it a matter of coverage?

May 3, 2020 5:27 PM
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The only thing that matters is that you are insured for commercial driving. You will need to check with your insurance provider to ensure you are covered for this because many do not offer this as a standard package deal. Uber provides  supplemental insurance coverage but only when the app is on and active. If the app is off, your own coverage will be in use.

May 4, 2020 5:56 PM



As mentioned, you just need to make sure the insurance you use has commercial use active on your plan.

May 5, 2020 3:22 PM

They will decline you for certain coverage but most seem to be accepted. You just have to make sure your insurance will keep you covered while you are working for Uber/Lyft.

May 12, 2020 11:40 PM

I was rejected the first time I tried signing up because of the insurance I had. The company wasn't the issue but the kind of insurance I had within the company was so make sure you call up your insurance company and make sure you are covered for commercial driver's insurance.

May 17, 2020 7:52 PM

Get help with medical treatment costs if you’re injured in an accident while on an Uber trip. If your injuries stop you from driving, you can also get help with lost earning opportunities.

Protection for medical treatment costs and lost earning opportunities

If you’re an UberX driver, Partner Injury Protection can help you with medical treatment expenses and other costs.

May 31, 2020 10:30 PM